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Mr. Anz is intent on doing in the clean water industry what he has proven can be done in real estate: Do good by doing well, using remarkably effective methods. Driven by the need for pivotal action towards saving Earth’s water, Ivan Anz joined OriginClear’s Board of Advisors to attract high net worth attention to the company’s exceptional technology and vision, and to help clear the way to NASDAQ listing. In September 2020, Philanthroinvestors, Inc. and OriginClear, Inc. signed a strategic agreement granting a license to the Philanthroinvestor® brand.

Creating a much better product

at all levels and conditions

Addressing issues found around the world, while directly being asked to assist Haiti following their catastrophic earthquake in January 2010, we realized that a new type of product needed to be created. Cement micro-fracturing needed to be eliminated. We focused our research at a microscopic level allowing our team to develop a catalyst with hardness and durability features far exceeding all previous levels and standards.

Introducing the World's First Recycling Reward Platform, a pioneering, eco-friendly approach to creating a plastic-cir1 Columncular economy. This platform motivates consumers to reduce plastic waste, rewarding them for their efforts. The process is simple and engaging:

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